Aileen is a long pulse Nd; YAG laser system based on the latest technology and experienced engineers.

The intensive high technology MMPS or Multiple Pulse Power System, delivers stable stream of energy at both low and high power settings and offers safe treatments at various treatment parameters which lead to high customer satisfaction.

Aileen comes with one zoom hand piece with adjustable spot sizes from 2 mm to 15 mm which enables faster treatment of patients.

Aileen possesses one of the highest standards in the market with wide pulse duration, wide pulse delay, high output energy up to 100 J, and high repetition rate.


– Skin tightening
– Rejuvenation
– Genesis
– Hair removal
– Varicose dark circle
– Vascular
– Leg veins
– Blushing
– Acne redness
– Dual toning
– Warts


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