Introduction to Breast Aesthetics :

Shapes :
– Round : the round collection
– Anatomical : The Matrix

Silicone Gel :
Eurosilicone’s cohesive silicone gels are colour coded to show different levels of firmness.

Soft Cohesive Gel
Natural Cohesive Gel

Shell surface :
– Smooth
– Cristaline Microtextured
– Cristaline Textured

Cristalline :
Eurosilicone’s latest texturing technology favours issue adherence and reduced incidences of capsular contracture

Eurosilicone’s 360ْ barrier layer technology minimizing gel diffusion

Premium Patent Warranty:
Lifetimee product replacement warranty, for details view our brochure.

Instructions for use:
We encourage surrgeons to refer to the package insert supplied with every Eurosilisone product for instructions for use, indications, contraindications and warranty.

Lifestyle Aesthetics_Eurosilicone

Body Aesthetics

Gluteus Implants:
– 4 different profiles with 34 different variations
– Round or anatomical shape
– High Cohesive Gel.
– Textured or smooth shell surface

Testicular Implants
– 5 different variations
– Oval Shape
– High Cohesive Gel.
– Smooth shell surface
– Fixation tab eases suturing to surrounding tissues

Calf Implants
– 2 profiles with 11 variations
– Symmetric or asymmetric shape
– High Cohesive Gel
– Smooth shell surface
– Dacron disc on the back facilitates implant insertion

Nasal & Malar Implants
– 2 profiles with 4 variations each
– Nasal or Malar shape
– Medical Quality silicone elastomer
– Fixation holes to ease suturing to surrounding tissue
– Smooth surface

Chin Implants:
– 2 profiles with 7 variations
– Medical Quality silicone elastomer

– Smooth surface

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