z300 is a modern, non-invasive thermal lifting technology. It results in immediate, long-term effect of enhancing skin firm- ness. Comfort, efficiency and elimination of the necessity of recovery are a warranty of patient satisfaction.
The device combines 4 advanced technolo- gies: infrared, water peeling, a modern camera for skin diagnosis and the GPRS system.
z300 is a perfect solution for those, who want to improve their skin firmness and reduce wrinkles in a non-invasive manner.
z300 enhances firmness of the skin of the face and neck, but it is also perfect for treat- ment of other body parts, such as the abdo- men after delivery, on the hands, arms, but- tocks, thighs or above the knees.

– Loss of firmness of skin of the face, neck, abdomen, internal part of the thighs and arms, above the knees due to ageing or weight loss
– To raise the breasts or improve the ap- pearance of the décolleté
– To enhance firmness of the skin after childbirth
– Wrinkles and lines
– To improve the shape of the face, sagging cheeks

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