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Leveraging a long history and advanced technological expertise, the Nobleen, a dual wavelength platform, was successfully introduced. This state-of-the-art system is a result of the innovative approaches at FineMEC, designed for a wide range of treatments from hair removal to vascular lesions. Nobleen embodies the “Noble Fractional Technology,” an innovative solution for advanced treatment of melasma and pigment lesions. Additionally, its “Fine Square Shape Beam Technology” offers an outstanding square shape spot size of 20x20mm, showcasing a commitment to excellence in laser therapy.

Nobleen Success Stories: Clinics Speak Out​

Explore real-world success stories from clinics in the UAE and Qatar using Nobleen. These testimonials highlight the exceptional results and trust built through our advanced laser technology. Gain insights into how Nobleen enhances aesthetic treatments, driving success in dermatology and skincare practices. Hear direct feedback from medical professionals about the effectiveness and reliability of Nobleen, a leading name in aesthetic laser solutions

Flexible Spot Size in One Handpiece

Adjustable dual cylinder zoom handpiece offers a variety of spot sizes (2~20mm) for individual needs.

This flexibility ensures that users can adapt the spot size to match specific requirements, making it a valuable and customizable feature.

The wide range of spot sizes also suggests that the handpiece can address a spectrum of targets, from more localized and focused treatments to broader coverage.

Flexible Spot Size in one Hand piece
Nobleen image 3
Nobleen image 4

Patented 755nm Fractional Handpiece(optional)

Nobleen ” Cutting-edge technolog with the newest advanced generation of 755nm fractional handpiece provides an outstanding whitening and melasma treatment. 200dots(400um size) protect the sensible skin and minimize the risk of PIH and hypo-pigmentation.

The fractional approach allows for targeted treatment, addressing specific areas of concern without compromising the surrounding skin. This not only enhances the precision of the procedure but also contributes to a faster recovery time for the patient.

Variety of Handpieces

Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Benign Pigmented Lesions, Vascular Lesions

Dual Wavelengths Platform Covering a Wide Range of Indications

Advanced Pigment Treatment with Patented 755nm Fractional Handpiece (Optional)

Various Spot Sizes (2mm Up to Maximum 20mm)

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