Plasma IQ device* is based on plasma microbeams technology, aimed to correct slackening in targeted area by promoting skin regeneration from within, with minimum trauma and patient down time.

Particularly known to correct hooded-lids and lower eyelid skin laxity, as a non-invasive alternative solution to blepharoplasty, Plasma IQ can also reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, wrinkles and scars or even be used to remove skin lesions (cherry angioma, yellow clusters, etc).

Moreover, its versatility extends to the removal of various skin lesions, including cherry angiomas and yellow clusters, providing a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking tailored and effective skin rejuvenation. As the medical field continues to advance, Plasma IQ stands at the forefront, offering a safe and innovative approach to cosmetic enhancement


PLASMA IQ makes use of a physical phenomenon called plasma sublimation, which causes controlled and highly precise skin
damage to create tightening and retractation of the skin tissues.




Absolute Precision:
A 4 levels of power, including the possibility to work in closed and open circuit enlarge possibilities as permit to precisely adapt the treatment to every skin, particularly from thin and fragile skin and area to thicker ones.

Deliver the precise amount of energy desired during treatment can thus decrease downtime, encourage faster healing and minimize the risk and severity of side effects.

High quality electrode delivers highly targeted energy for improved results. Less damage to surrounding areas limiting downtime and improving healing.


*These class: IIb for Sectum, IIa for Zaffiro, IIb for Plasma IQ , Medical Devices are regulated health products which bear, under this regulation, the CE mark. Manufacturer: B&K, Domaniewska 37, Warsaw, Poland. Please carefully read the instructions in instruction for use. The use of these products requires the intervention of a healthcare professional.

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