Enerjet 2.0

enerjet 2.0

Enerjet 2.0

The EnerJet 2.0 is the only energy-based platform device of its kind available on the market today offering  the best treatments solution for all scar types, a non-surgical facelift solution , an exceptional neck lines treatment as well as an unparalleled solution for white stretch marks.

EnerJet uses Jet Volumetric Remodeling (JVR) technology – a high-pressure jet technology to laterally introduce healing agents deep into the dermal layer of the skin for a wide range of aesthetic indications. This single, innovative, non-thermal and non-surgical solution is suitable for all skin types and all areas of the body. EnerJet is ideal for kinetic facelifts, scar repair and dermal thickening. EnerJet solutions are proven to deliver superior, immediate and long-lasting clinical results.


Safe, effective and simple

No needles

No thermal heating


Immediate results

Minimal downtime


Kinetic Lift

Dermal Thickening

Acne Scars

Stretch Marks

Neck Lines

Keloid & Hypertrophic Scars