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Since 1990, Walther Janssen, together with his wife Elka, has consistently worked towards developing a skin care system which is based on multiple, highly-effective and efficient active substances. The challenge was to achieve verifiable results and therefore contribute towards improving the skin profile. With his first care product range, WHITE SECRETS, now called FAIR SKIN, he traveled to Asia and presented the first cosmeceutical series on a small folding table.

The product series for light skin quickly took off, causing JANSSEN COSMETICS’ reputation to spread quickly. Demand for further care product series for specific skin types was not long in emerging. Over the years, care product series with special active substances for the various skin types were developed to enable beauticians to provide their customers with individual treatment and therefore help them to achieve particularly successful effects.

Over the past 21 years, the company has grown constantly. We now sell our products in almost 85 countries across all continents. Together with our international partners, we have succeeded in establishing the JANSSEN COSMETICS brand around the world and in familiarizing it as an institutional brand. We now offer 115 different retail products and 135 wholesale products specifically for beauticians.


Our ampoules are highly concentrated active ingredients which can be applied as additional care product under the daily facial care. Due to the high-dose active ingredients or even combined active ingredient complexes, these powerful fluids achieve great immediate effects, have particularly nourishing or cell-repairing properties.

Their effect often exceeds the result of creams and lotions alone by far. Ampoules are a must-have and irreplaceable first aid for skin care at home or as part of a cosmetic treatment at the institute. They provide the skin with active ingredients within minutes!

Powder Masks

PEEL OFF MASKS are high-quality powder masks which have been developed specifically for cosmetic treatment in the beauty salon. They are mixed with Ocean Mineral Activator and are immediately applied onto the face and neck, but also the neckline and e.g. hands, where they form something akin to a second skin and impress with their intensive effect:

Whilst the mask slowly hardens, moisture collects in the horny layer beneath the elastic mask film, which is impermeable to air and water. At the same time, the peel-off masks’ active substances and additional active substances, e.g. from ampoules, are able to penetrate particularly well into the skin and intensively supply the substances it requires within a short space of time.

Collagen Masks

Collagen masks for all skin types are outstandingly suitable both for restoring lost moisture to the skin and for improving and firming the structure of the skin tissue. The skin therefore regains added resilience and suppleness, and is left looking fresher
and more recuperated.

DERMAFLEECE is the product designation for a biomatrix, manufactured with native, soluble collagen fibers. High-quality collagen of bovine origin and extraordinary purity is used in this case.

It contains no chemical networking agents, preservatives or perfume oils. This results in outstanding skin tolerability even in the case of hypersensitive skin.

Platinum Care

PLATINUM CARE is the luxurious culmination of anti-aging care and an absolute pampering experience in a class of its own! Thanks to the latest findings in anti-aging research, eternal youth is within reach, so to speak, because PLATINUM CARE is a unique rejuvenating treatment for the skin. The skin feels the unique effect of the innovative Platinum-MP-Complex – based on the rare and very valuable raw material platinum and the highest quality active ingredients from nature, biotechnology and synthesis, which ensure maximum skin regeneration. PLATINUM CARE convinces with a double anti-aging effect: The skin surface is visibly smoothed immediately and at the same time a long-term deep effect in the skin tissue is achieved. The luxurious texture and elegant fragrance also pamper the skin and senses.

Mature Skin

MATURE SKIN is perfect age management for the skin! Because the unique, luxurious anti-aging line is the tailor-made care solution for mature skin. Based on powerful, natural ingredients that interact optimally with the latest technologies, this innovative system care does not ignore any signs of skin aging. Whether wrinkles, pale skin, loss of elasticity or pigment spots: MATURE SKIN activates the skin’s natural renewal process and optically conceals small imperfections. An absolute anti-aging care experience – for a youthfully fresh, radiant complexion and firmer, more even skin!


Fair Skin

FAIR SKIN was specially developed for the treatment of pigment disorders and is based on the latest scientific research results to inhibit the formation of melanin. Through regular and combined application of the innovative system care, the melanin content of the skin is reduced, the skin is visibly brightened and pigment spots become faded. The result is a wonderfully even complexion that radiates freshness, vitality and youth!


Oily Skin

Blackheads, papules and pustules, briefly referred to as rash eruptions, characterize blemished skin, which usually reveals enlarged pores. This is a frequent and often severe skin disorder which begins in puberty and can extend into adulthood. Horny material and excessive sebum form a medium in which certain germs flourish, leading to skin inflammation.A tendency towards follicular hyper-keratosis, excessive sebum production and excessive bacterial infestation of the skin flora are regarded as the three causes which promote blemished skin. This is where care cosmetics can and should be sensibly applied.

The task of the care product series for oily, blemished skin is to normalize the oily-moist skin condition and to locally combat blemishes. This therefore combats the tendency to develop acne in its initial stages.

Demanding Skin

DEMANDING SKIN products protect and care for demanding skin even more intensively. Each care product is characterised by a balanced lipid and moisture content and thus supports the natural skin function. Even with external factors such as dry air, heat or cold, demanding skin remains supple and resistant. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, replenish its moisture depots and stabilise its protective function. The result is a much more vital, youthfully fresh and rosy skin!


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