Social Media, Website Design, Marketing and Management

Our creative team “LifeStyle Vision” uses Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and other media channels to represent and market our clients and connect them directly to the end user. Featuring unique and captivating designs and short films, compelling content, and constant updates.

Website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads (SEM), and social media advertising (SMA) are some of our most popular and effective services offered by our specialized marketing service department, that drives business and success straight to our clients.

Open Day Events

We organise open day offers which includes providing the setup, advertising, and the skilled personnel for such events.

Exhibitions and Events

Invitations and regestration for Dubai Derma, Emirates Derma, AIDA, MEIDAM, and many more exhibitions and events are offered to our top clients.

Traditional Print Marketing

Brochures, Roll-ups, Posters, Billboards, and much more traditional print materials are provided.

Product Orientation

Our highly skilled training team is more than happy to provide the staff of our clients the proper product orientation seminars to ensure they fully understand the products’ advantages.

Product Training

Fully detailed lectures and instructions to use or operate the products safely and effectively are provided.

Around the Year Workshops

We organise many workshops around the year for our doctors.

Device Installation

For the installation of laser devices, our team of skilled engineers will ensure they are installed safely.


Device Calibration and Safety Checks

The devices are tested and calibrated to ensure they are working properly.

Warehousing and Delivery

Our products are safely stored and shipped to our clients on time.

General and Technical After Sale Support

Our support staff is available for any questions or enquiries 24/7.

Professional Access

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