Noblex is an excellent long-pulsed alexandnte laser-with fractional handpiece, firstly invented and patented by FineMEC. Alexandrite has a great effect on permanent hair reduction in the Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI through selective targeting of melanin in her follicles. Syselectively concentrating heat only on the melanin pigmentwith properties of a high absorption of melanin,It gives little damage to skin tissue.


Stable and powerful output up to 70J Dual Cylinder Zoom Handpiece with a variety of spot slzes(2-20nm) Selective Gas(PCS) cooling A air cooling Wide range advanced parameters – Total 24 memories with preset parameter 755nm, the only wavelength which is effective For treating fine and light hair Patented 755nm fractional handpiece (optional) Cutting edge technology with the newestadvanued generation of 755nm fractional handpiece provides an outstanding brightening and melasma treatment over 130dots(400um size) protecting sensible skin and minimizing the risk of PIH and hypo-pigmentation.


Hair removal
Noble toning
Pigmented lesions