PerfAction Technologies, the original developer and undisputed market leader in intradermal remodeling, is a premium, high end manufacturer for new treatment modalities for aesthetics and dermatological applications.

Our patented technology is versatile and effective. It allows development of a single platform with numerous indications. We pride ourselves in ‘first in its class’ advanced clinical education led by a professional and experienced team as well as expert clinical support and innovation by The EnerJet Clinical Advisory Board. While EnerJet2.0 currently offers a range of solutions in aesthetic medicine, there is extensive clinical research for new indications from both dermatologic and other potential disciplines.

This energetic innovation provides for a non-surgical facelift solution, a simple neck lines treatment and exceptional acne scars elimination treatment. Because we have a keen understanding of today’s aesthetic market, both on the professional and consumer side, we can cater our solutions to its specific needs: clinical, technological and commercial.

enerjet 2.0